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Los Angeles Series

I started with this series many years ago. . .at the beginning in fact, relating stories or suggesting intetrpretations of certain orchestrated situations. I've come back to this series recently with "Backyard Window". . .as though I had never really gotten the storytelling out of my mind. There is a satisfaction in being able to create images convincingly enough to sway a viewer into accepting an imagined reality, into conjuring the viewer and inviting them to enter into another, intangible world.

Los Angeles +.jpg

"Los Angeles", 57 x 88 cm, acrylic

Looking In +.jpg

"Looking In", 70 x 98 cm, acrylic

Girls In Bed +.jpg

"Women in Bed", 73 x 80 cm, acrylic

Diving In +.jpg

"Diving In", 89 x 119 cm, acrylic

Park Bench +.jpg

"Park Bench", 64 x 94 cm, acrylic

Inside Outside +.jpg

"Inside-Out, 67 x 67 cm, acrylic

Girl at Window +.jpg

"Girl at the Window", 80 x 120 cm, acrylic

Thompsen Ranch +.jpg

"Thompsen Ranch", 65x 93 cm, acrylic

Night Garden +.jpg

"Night Garden", 88 x 117 cm, acrylic

Backyard Window +.jpg

"Backyard Window", 60 x 80 cm, acrylic

Seated Girl at the Window +.jpg

"Girl Sitting at a Window", 73 x 92 cm, black & white gesso

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